Outline for keeping investors updated on your progress

Nice resource for when you get lost in the weeds… er pixels.

Prototyping and collaboration platform for designers


Naming a project is always an awful experience.

An earworm that won’t stop tapping your skull from the inside. A tenacious pop jingle with teeth and a paycheck.

As a freelance designer, I do a fair amount of this for clients. Generally, my process has been a garble of notes and trips to…

There is a fine line between Yes and No, and perhaps an even finer line between tasteless and hilarious. So it’s not surprising that the same behavioral principles that Louis CK hacks to go from uncomfortable silence to hilarious uproar can be used to get people to go from saying No to saying Yes.


Elevator pitch: what, how, why & no jargon

Think problems first, then solutions. Make it emotional and connect with audience interests

Solution: Sex, money or power (need to tap into at least 1)

Market size: top down market reports or bottom-up (users, frequency, scratch calcs)

Business Model: top 1-2 options don’t show too many

What’s your big unfair advantage?

Competition: Why you’re better or *different*

Marketing plan: how to customers and get distribution (think along volume, cost, conversion)

Team hires: Hustler, hacker, designer roles

Money and milestones: spend on talent/headcount, operations, marketing/acquisition